Meet the Squad

Photo of Aaron Glenn
Aaron Glenn Admin/Mentor

Aaron is a Sr. Systems Administrator from Tulsa, specializing in Microsoft technologies, with an emphasis on powershell.

Photo of Adam Cook
Adam Cook Admin/Contributor

Adam loves technology and helping people, focusing on PowerShell, Azure, ConfigMgr, and Linux.

Photo of Adam Gross
Adam Gross Founder

Adam is a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility and is the founder of SysManSquad

Photo of Alec Weber
Alec Weber Contributor

Alec is an Intune engineer with a focus on Azure and automation

Photo of Alec Weber
Alec Weber Contributor

Alec is an Intune engineer with a focus on Azure and automation

Photo of Andrew Arsenault
Andrew Arsenault Contributor

Andrew is an endpoint engineer based out of Canada bringing some education sector experience to the blog.

Photo of Andrew Blackburn
Andrew Blackburn Contributor

Andrew is a K-12 technology director from the Atlanta area, focusing on Windows/iOS/macOS endpoint management.

Photo of Ashley Mann-Thomas
Ashley Mann-Thomas Contributor

Ashley is an ICT Systems Engineer and Manager based in Melbourne with a passion for sharing experiences.

Photo of Beholden Cypress
Beholden Cypress Member

A contributor

Photo of Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson Contributor

Brett is a contributor

Photo of Charles Tousignant
Charles Tousignant Contributor

Charles, a.k.a. 'No Remote Users' from MMS 2019, is a senior analyst working in the public sector focusing on Windows and systems management.

Photo of Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Contributor

Chris has supported technology in the public education sector for the last 20 years. He has a strong interest in ConfigMgr and PowerShell.

Photo of Cody Mathis
Cody Mathis Contributor

Cody has 10 years of ConfigMgr, PowerShell, and automation experience focusing on streamlining processes

Photo of Grant Dickins
Grant Dickins Contributor

Grant has worked supporting IT in the Oil & Gas industry for 10 years, has a keen interest in Config Manager and trying to bring the industry kicking and screaming into the modern cloud-based world.

Photo of Jake Shackelford
Jake Shackelford Admin/Contributor

Jake is one of our Admins but also our inaugural author and the main reason SysManSquad exists today.

Photo of Jeremy Hamilton
Jeremy Hamilton Contributor

Senior Systems Administrator from the Kansas City area, specializing in cloud infrastructure as well as all things O365.

Photo of Jóhannes Geir Kristjánsson
Jóhannes Geir Kristjánsson Contributor

Microsoft MVP, enterprise mobility, Owner of winadmins discord and stunt guy on

Photo of Jordan Benzing
Jordan Benzing Mentor/Contributor

Jordan is a consultant for TrueSec and an active member of the Configuration Manager community. An active speaker on subjects such as reporting, patching and that wonderful thing no one likes doing documentation.

Photo of Kevin Crouch
Kevin Crouch Contributor

System Administrator

Photo of Michaël De Bona
Michaël De Bona Contributor

Michaël is a Windows and ConfigMgr admin who likes to automate all the things.

Photo of Nathan Ziehnert
Nathan Ziehnert Admin/Mentor

Nathan is an Endpoint Management Software Engineer who enjoys tinkering with Hugo in his free time. He is a speaker and blogger passionate about ConfigMgr and PowerShell mentoring.

Photo of Nic Wendlowsky
Nic Wendlowsky Contributor

Nic is an IT professional of 12+ years, specializing in ConfigMgr over the last 5 with an MCTS for ConfigMgr 2012r2.

Photo of Ronald Montgomery
Ronald Montgomery Contributor

Adam is a Ronald is a ConfigMgr administrator in the St. Louis, Missouri area.