Working around NPS limitations for AADJ Windows devices

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Introduction In this post, I’ll show you a workaround to get device based wireless authentication working for AADJ Windows devices via NPS. Keep in mind this is a workaround and your mileage may vary. Background NPS does not play nice when it comes to AADJ device authentication. There is a fantastic writeup on this issue here. The tl;dr of the … Read More

NET-102: Build your lab

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Welcome back! We’re now going to move on to the actual effort it takes to build your lab. As you recall we got pretty far last time in documenting the beginnings of our network. For this lab I’ll be using VMWare Workstation, but you can accomplish this with Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, the free tier of VMWare’s ESX, or XCP-NG. … Read More