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Give your ADR a little boost with Status Filter Rules and PowerShell

Introduction MEMCM already offers a lot of features to help SysAdmins automate many processes and save them a lot of time to drink more coffee☕ work on less mundane and more interesting tasks. Among them, there are Automatic Deployment Rules (ADR) that let you automate patch management for your Windows devices. There are also Status Filter Rules that allow you to execute actions (Launch a program, execute a script…) when specific status messages are processed by the site server.

Use the Task Sequence deployment type to deploy an application with sensitive information

Introduction Introduced with ConfigMgr 2002, the “Task Sequence as an application deployment type” feature is available in pre-release. That means it is still in active development and can contains bugs. Using a Task Sequence (TS) as a deployment type allows for more complex installation process that can even contains reboot. And as it is a Task Sequence, you can also benefit from many other feature like the use of TS variables.