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Use Azure Policy to configure Boot Diagnostics Settings

I found several posts about configuring Diagnostic Settings on VMs, but none that specified or included boot diagnostics. With this Azure Policy you can automatically enable Boot Diagnostics and apply a storage account to it. This is also a great base if you want to start testing out your own policies. 1. Overview Our process will have several major parts Create a Custom Azure Policy Definition Assign to a Subscription or Resource Group Find the Blob Storage URI to use Create a Remediation task to Apply the changes Optional: Link to GitHub for versioning 2.

Where is the report’s data??

Have you ever looked at a report on a Portal Page and wanted to know just WHERE the data just came from? Well you can - and finding the information can be so easy. Read on below to see how. Introduction Take for example this report on a Proactive Remediation. I used one of the built in Proactive Remediations for the example, but it could easily be one of our other Proactive Remediation posts, like Dynamic Outlook Signatures, Building VPN Connections, or Repairing Folder permissions.

Access Public GitHub Repo Feeds in Power Automate

Have you ever wanted to get a simple notification when there is a new Release for your favorite PowerShell Module or other Public Repo on GitHub? In this post we’ll talk about how you can use Power Automate to watch for new releases and trigger events on these and send out Teams messages, Emails, or even Kick off an Azure Function or similar automation. Introduction In my previous post, we did some automation with client-side scripts and Microsoft Graph to update Outlook Auto-Responses on a schedule.

Automating Outside of Business Hours Responses

Have you ever had customers emailing in outside of hours? In this post we will setup some scripted automatic maintenance of Auto-Reply responses on a user account. We considered several possibilities but the customer did not have an Azure Subscription yet, we ended up using PowerShell, Microsoft Graph, App Authentication, and a Scheduled Task. Our customer will be moving to Azure later so we will probably revisit this as Azure Functions, or possibly Power Automate later on.

Find Microsoft Accounts on Company Domains

The other day I was helping someone over in the WinAdmins Discord. Their users kept getting confused about what their passwords were, and it was causing a lot of HelpDesk tickets. Let’s find out what users have Microsoft accounts on the company domain so we can help move those accounts elsewhere to streamline the user experience. Update on Prevention: Microsoft has introduced some changes that at least seem to prevent NEW Microsoft Accounts on Company Domains.