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Trigger Teams Installer for User After Machine Wide Installer

The Problem: Teams Machine Wide Installer finishes… Then… Nothing? Have you or a loved one ever deployed Microsoft Teams in an enterprise environment? Did the users complain? Did project management complain? Management? You? I’m sure someone was not happy about the overall user experience. In particular when the Teams Machine Wide installer is finished, and detected by your application management tool of choice it does… nothing. The user is left with a message claiming Teams is ‘Installed’ when clearly it is not.

Collect Client Logs – The Fast Channel Way

What’s New? Starting in MEMCM 2002 there is an incredible new tool in the Client Notification tool bag. Client log collection! This is a vital addition to the console. At first glance I thought… But then the features full value was realized! Collecting Logs Over CMG Scenario: Increasing remote workforce, no VPN, but that nifty CMG thing is in place. What does that imply? There is no SMB access to the client.

Inventory Deprovisioned Windows 10 Apps

In my previous post I’ve shown that we can revert the deprovisioning of Windows 10 apps. This is awesome news for anyone that has removed the Windows Store. I have been unable to find any other way of restoring the Windows Store once it has been deprovisioned, so this is an awesome time saver. Instead of reimaging devices that do not have the store we can simply ‘reprovision’ the store, and perform a feature update!

Reprovision Windows 10 Apps… Wait, What?

Remember when we all complained that Microsoft “wasn’t respecting our app removals!” and they were all reinstalled during every feature update? Pepperidge farm remembers. Well, Microsoft was kind enough to hear our collective complaints, and take action on them. That is an awesome quality that we are seeing from the product teams at Microsoft. Starting in Windows 10 1803, deprovisioned apps will NOT be reinstalled during a feature update. No more Solitaire returning from the dead every time we try to “Get current and stay current.