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Using PowerShell and Graph to update Azure AD user photos in bulk

Introduction In this post, I’ll give you some background information and show you how to utilize the Microsoft Graph API to bulk update Azure AD user photos. If you’d like to skip the background information and get straight to the nitty-gritty, click here. Background I work at a private K-12 school in the United States. Like many schools out there, we have scheduled portraits once a year for students and staff.

Working around NPS limitations for AADJ Windows devices

Introduction In this post, I’ll show you a workaround to get device based wireless authentication working for AADJ Windows devices via NPS. Keep in mind this is a workaround and your mileage may vary. Background NPS does not play nice when it comes to AADJ device authentication. There is a fantastic writeup on this issue here. The tl;dr of the issue Device based authentication works when there is a computer object in your on-prem.